July 18 All Events

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July 18th, 2064 (July 18 2064)EventGreat fire of Rome: A fire begins to burn in the merchant area of Rome and soon burns completely out of control while Emperor Nero reportedly plays his lyre and sings while watching the blaze from a safe distance.
July 18th, 2007 (July 18 2007)DeathGeorge Caiazzo, American professional wrestler
July 18th, 2007 (July 18 2007)DeathJerry Hadley, American opera singer, (born in 1952)
July 18th, 2007 (July 18 2007)DeathKenji Miyamoto, Japanese communist politician (born in 1908)
July 18th, 2005 (July 18 2005)DeathWilliam Westmoreland, U.S. Army general (born in 1914)
July 18th, 2005 (July 18 2005)DeathBill Hicke, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1938)
July 18th, 2004 (July 18 2004)DeathPaul Foot, British journalist (born in 1937)
July 18th, 2004 (July 18 2004)DeathEmile Peynaud, French oenologist (born in 1912)
July 18th, 2002 (July 18 2002)DeathVictor Emery, British theoretical physicist (born in 1933)
July 18th, 2001 (July 18 2001)DeathJames Hatfield, American author (born in 1958)
July 18th, 2001 (July 18 2001)DeathFabio Taglioni, Italian automotive engineer (born in 1920)
July 18th, 1997 (July 18 1997)DeathEugene Merle Shoemaker, American astronomer (born in 1928)
July 18th, 1996 (July 18 1996)EventStorms provoke severe flooding on the Saguenay River, beginning one of Quebec s costliest natural disasters ever.
July 18th, 1995 (July 18 1995)EventOn the Caribbean island of Montserrat, the Soufriere Hills volcano erupts. Over the course of several years, it devastates the island, destroying the capital and forcing most of the population to flee.Roy Bean Quotes
July 18th, 1995 (July 18 1995)DeathFabio Casartelli, Italian cyclist (born in 1970)
July 18th, 1992 (July 18 1992)EventThe ten victims of the La Cantuta massacre disappeared from their university in Lima.
July 18th, 1990 (July 18 1990)DeathYoon Boseon, President of South Korea (born in 1897)
July 18th, 1990 (July 18 1990)DeathKarl Menninger, American psychiatrist (born in 1896)
July 18th, 1990 (July 18 1990)DeathGerry Boulet, Quebec rock singer (born in 1946)
July 18th, 1990 (July 18 1990)DeathJohnny Wayne, Canadian comedian (born in 1918)
July 18th, 1989 (July 18 1989)DeathDonnie Moore, baseball player (suicide) (born in 1954)
July 18th, 1988 (July 18 1988)DeathNico, German-born model and singer (born in 1938)
July 18th, 1986 (July 18 1986)EventA tornado is broadcast live on KARE television in Minnesota when the station s helicopter pilot makes a chance encounter.
July 18th, 1985 (July 18 1985)BirthChace Crawford, American actor
July 18th, 1985 (July 18 1985)DeathShahnawaz Bhutto, son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
July 18th, 1984 (July 18 1984)EventMcDonald s massacre in San Ysidro, California: In a fast-food restaurant, James Oliver Huberty opens fire, killing 21 people and injuring 19 others before being shot dead by police.Donald James Quotes
July 18th, 1984 (July 18 1984)EventBeverly Lynn Burns becomes first woman Boeing 747 airline captain in the world.
July 18th, 1982 (July 18 1982)Event268 campesinos ("peasants" or "country people") are slain in the Plan de Sanchez massacre in Rios Montt s Guatemala.
July 18th, 1982 (July 18 1982)BirthPriyanka Chopra, Indian actress and beauty queen
July 18th, 1982 (July 18 1982)BirthRyan Cabrera, American musician and TV host
July 18th, 1982 (July 18 1982)BirthPanagiotis Lagos, Greek footballer
July 18th, 1982 (July 18 1982)DeathLionel Daunais, French-Canadian singer and composer (born in 1902)
July 18th, 1980 (July 18 1980)BirthKristen Bell, American actress
July 18th, 1979 (July 18 1979)BirthRick Baxter, American politician
July 18th, 1979 (July 18 1979)BirthDeion Branch, football player
July 18th, 1979 (July 18 1979)BirthJared Hess, American film director and screenwriter
July 18th, 1979 (July 18 1979)BirthJoey Mercury, American professional wrestler
July 18th, 1979 (July 18 1979)BirthJermaine Paul, American musician
July 18th, 1978 (July 18 1978)BirthShane Horgan, Irish rugby player
July 18th, 1978 (July 18 1978)BirthBen Sheets, American baseball player
July 18th, 1978 (July 18 1978)BirthMelissa Theuriau, French newscaster
July 18th, 1978 (July 18 1978)BirthVeronica Romeo, Spanish singer
July 18th, 1977 (July 18 1977)BirthDylan Lane, American television host
July 18th, 1977 (July 18 1977)BirthAlfian bin Sa at, Singaporean writer, poet and playwright
July 18th, 1976 (July 18 1976)BirthElsa Pataky, Spanish actress
July 18th, 1975 (July 18 1975)BirthTorii Hunter, baseball player
July 18th, 1975 (July 18 1975)BirthDaron Malakian, American guitarist
July 18th, 1974 (July 18 1974)BirthAlan Morrison, British poet
July 18th, 1973 (July 18 1973)DeathJack Hawkins, English film actor (born in 1910)
July 18th, 1972 (July 18 1972)EventStaines air disaster118 killed as plane crashes 2 minutes after take off from London Heathrow Airport
July 18th, 1971 (July 18 1971)BirthPenny Hardaway, American basketball player
July 18th, 1969 (July 18 1969)EventAfter a party on Chappaquiddick Island, Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts drives an Oldsmobile off a wooden bridge into a tide-swept pond and his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, dies.
July 18th, 1969 (July 18 1969)BirthMasanori Murakawa, Japanese professional wrestler
July 18th, 1969 (July 18 1969)DeathMary Jo Kopechne, American Robert F. Kennedy campaign worker (born in 1940)Robert F. Kennedy Quotes
July 18th, 1968 (July 18 1968)DeathCorneille Heymans, Belgian physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1892)
July 18th, 1967 (July 18 1967)BirthVin Diesel, American actor
July 18th, 1966 (July 18 1966)EventGemini 10 launched.
July 18th, 1966 (July 18 1966)BirthLori Alan, American actress
July 18th, 1966 (July 18 1966)DeathBobby Fuller, American rock singer and guitarist (born in 1942)
July 18th, 1965 (July 18 1965)EventZond 3 launched.
July 18th, 1964 (July 18 1964)BirthWendy Williams, radio host
July 18th, 1963 (July 18 1963)BirthMartin Torrijos Espino, President of Panama
July 18th, 1963 (July 18 1963)BirthMike Greenwell, baseball player
July 18th, 1963 (July 18 1963)BirthAl Snow, American professional wrestler
July 18th, 1962 (July 18 1962)BirthLee Arenberg, American actor
July 18th, 1962 (July 18 1962)BirthJack Irons, American drummer
July 18th, 1961 (July 18 1961)BirthElizabeth McGovern, American-born actress
July 18th, 1960 (July 18 1960)BirthAnne-Marie Johnson, American actress
July 18th, 1957 (July 18 1957)BirthNick Faldo, English golfer
July 18th, 1956 (July 18 1956)BirthRazor Shines, American baseball player, manager and coach
July 18th, 1955 (July 18 1955)BirthBernd Fasching, Austrian painter and sculptor
July 18th, 1954 (July 18 1954)BirthRicky Skaggs, American country/bluegrass musician
July 18th, 1954 (July 18 1954)DeathGeorge Machine Gun Kelly, American gangster (born in 1895)
July 18th, 1953 (July 18 1953)DeathLucy Booth, Daughter of William and Catherine Booth (born in 1868)William Booth Quotes
July 18th, 1952 (July 18 1952)DeathPaul Saintenoy, Belgian architect (born in 1862)
July 18th, 1951 (July 18 1951)BirthElio Di Rupo, Belgian politician
July 18th, 1951 (July 18 1951)BirthMargo Martindale, American actress
July 18th, 1950 (July 18 1950)BirthJerome Barkum, American football player
July 18th, 1950 (July 18 1950)BirthSir Richard Branson, British entrepreneur
July 18th, 1950 (July 18 1950)BirthGlenn Hughes, American singer (Village People) (died in 2001)
July 18th, 1950 (July 18 1950)BirthJack Layton, Canadian politician
July 18th, 1950 (July 18 1950)BirthKostas Eleftherakis, Greek footballer
July 18th, 1949 (July 18 1949)DeathVitezslav Novak, Czech composer (born in 1870)
July 18th, 1948 (July 18 1948)BirthHartmut Michel, German chemist, Nobel laureate
July 18th, 1948 (July 18 1948)DeathHerman Gummerus, Finnish historian and politician (born in 1877)
July 18th, 1947 (July 18 1947)BirthSteve Forbes, American entrepreneur and politician
July 18th, 1947 (July 18 1947)BirthSteven W. Mahoney, Canadian politician
July 18th, 1946 (July 18 1946)BirthLeo Madder, Belgian actor
July 18th, 1944 (July 18 1944)EventWorld War II: Hideki Tojo resigns as Prime Minister of Japan due to numerous setbacks in the war effort.
July 18th, 1944 (July 18 1944)DeathThomas Sturge Moore, English poet, author and artist (born in 1870)Thomas Sturge Moore Quotes
July 18th, 1942 (July 18 1942)EventWorld War II: The Germans test fly the Messerschmitt Me-262 using only its jets for the first time.
July 18th, 1942 (July 18 1942)BirthAdolf Ogi, Swiss politicianAdolf Ogi Quotes
July 18th, 1942 (July 18 1942)BirthBobby Susser, American songwriter and record producer
July 18th, 1942 (July 18 1942)BirthGiacinto Facchetti, Italian footballer (died in 2006)
July 18th, 1941 (July 18 1941)BirthFrank Farian, German music producer
July 18th, 1941 (July 18 1941)BirthLonnie Mack, American guitarist and singer
July 18th, 1941 (July 18 1941)BirthMartha Reeves, American singer
July 18th, 1940 (July 18 1940)BirthJames Brolin, American actor
July 18th, 1940 (July 18 1940)BirthJoe Torre, American baseball player and managerJoe Torre Quotes
July 18th, 1939 (July 18 1939)BirthDion DiMucci, American singer
July 18th, 1939 (July 18 1939)BirthBrian Auger, British musician
July 18th, 1939 (July 18 1939)BirthEdward Gramlich, American economics professor (died in 2007)
July 18th, 1939 (July 18 1939)BirthJerry Moore, American football coach
July 18th, 1938 (July 18 1938)BirthPaul Verhoeven, Dutch film director
July 18th, 1938 (July 18 1938)BirthIan Stewart, Scottish pianist (died in 1985)
July 18th, 1937 (July 18 1937)BirthRoald Hoffman, Polish-born chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
July 18th, 1937 (July 18 1937)BirthHunter S. Thompson, American journalist and author (died in 2005)Hunter S. Thompson Quotes
July 18th, 1937 (July 18 1937)DeathJulian Bell, British poet, killed in the Spanish Civil War (born in 1908) Julian Quotes
July 18th, 1936 (July 18 1936)BirthTed Harris, Canadian ice hockey player
July 18th, 1935 (July 18 1935)BirthJayendra Saraswathi, Hindu religious leader
July 18th, 1934 (July 18 1934)BirthDarlene Conley, American actress (died in 2007)
July 18th, 1934 (July 18 1934)BirthRoger Reynolds, American composer and teacher
July 18th, 1933 (July 18 1933)BirthYevgeny Yevtushenko, Russian poet
July 18th, 1933 (July 18 1933)BirthSyd Mead, American industrial and conceptual designer
July 18th, 1933 (July 18 1933)BirthJean Yanne, French film actor and director (died in 2003)
July 18th, 1930 (July 18 1930)BirthBurt Kwouk, English actor
July 18th, 1929 (July 18 1929)BirthDick Button, American figure skater
July 18th, 1929 (July 18 1929)BirthScreamin Jay Hawkins, American singer (died in 2000)
July 18th, 1927 (July 18 1927)BirthKurt Masur, Silesian-born conductor
July 18th, 1926 (July 18 1926)BirthRobert Sloman, writer (died in 2005)
July 18th, 1926 (July 18 1926)BirthMargaret Laurence, Canadian writer (died in 1987)
July 18th, 1925 (July 18 1925)EventAdolf Hitler publishes his personal manifesto Mein Kampf.Adolf Hitler Quotes
July 18th, 1925 (July 18 1925)BirthShirley Strickland, Australian athlete (died in 2004)
July 18th, 1925 (July 18 1925)DeathLouis Nazaire Begin, Roman Catholic cardinal and Archbishop of Quebec (born in 1840)
July 18th, 1924 (July 18 1924)BirthInge Sorensen, Danish swimmer
July 18th, 1923 (July 18 1923)BirthJerome H. Lemelson, American inventor (died in 1997)
July 18th, 1922 (July 18 1922)BirthThomas Kuhn, American philosopher (died in 1996) Philo Quotes
July 18th, 1921 (July 18 1921)BirthJohn Glenn, American astronaut and politician
July 18th, 1920 (July 18 1920)BirthEric Brandon, British racing driver (died in 1982)
July 18th, 1918 (July 18 1918)BirthNelson Mandela, President of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize laureateNelson Mandela Quotes
July 18th, 1918 (July 18 1918)DeathGrand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna (born in 1864)
July 18th, 1917 (July 18 1917)BirthHenri Salvador, French singer (died in 2008)
July 18th, 1916 (July 18 1916)BirthJohnny Hopp, baseball player (died in 2003)
July 18th, 1916 (July 18 1916)DeathBenjamin C. Truman, American journalist and author
July 18th, 1914 (July 18 1914)EventThe U.S. Congress forms the Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps, this gives definite status to aircraft within the U.S. Army for the first time.
July 18th, 1914 (July 18 1914)BirthGino Bartali, Italian cyclist (died in 2000)
July 18th, 1913 (July 18 1913)BirthRed Skelton, American actor and comedian (died in 1997)
July 18th, 1911 (July 18 1911)BirthHume Cronyn, Canadian actor (died in 2003)
July 18th, 1909 (July 18 1909)BirthAndrei Gromyko, Soviet diplomat and President (died in 1989)Andrei Gromyko Quotes
July 18th, 1909 (July 18 1909)BirthMohammed Daoud Khan, President of Afghanistan (died in 1978)Ghani Khan Quotes
July 18th, 1909 (July 18 1909)BirthHarriet Nelson, American singer and actress (died in 1994)
July 18th, 1908 (July 18 1908)BirthLupe Velez, Mexican actress (died in 1944)
July 18th, 1906 (July 18 1906)BirthS. I. Hayakawa, American semanticist and politician (died in 1992)
July 18th, 1906 (July 18 1906)BirthClifford Odets, American writer (died in 1963)
July 18th, 1903 (July 18 1903)BirthChill Wills, American actor (died in 1978)
July 18th, 1902 (July 18 1902)BirthJessamyn West, American writer (died in 1984)Jessamyn West Quotes
July 18th, 1900 (July 18 1900)BirthNathalie Sarraute, French writer (died in 1999)
July 18th, 1899 (July 18 1899)DeathHoratio Alger, Jr., American writer (born in 1832)
July 18th, 1898 (July 18 1898)BirthJohn Stuart, Scottish actor (died in 1979)John Scott Quotes
July 18th, 1897 (July 18 1897)BirthE. A. D. Eldridge, British racing driver (died in 1935)
July 18th, 1895 (July 18 1895)BirthGeorge Machine Gun Kelly, American gangster (died in 1954)
July 18th, 1892 (July 18 1892)BirthArthur Friedenreich, Brazilian football player (died in 1969)
July 18th, 1892 (July 18 1892)DeathThomas Cook, English travel agent (born in 1808)
July 18th, 1890 (July 18 1890)BirthFrank Forde, 15th Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1983)
July 18th, 1887 (July 18 1887)BirthVidkun Quisling, Norwegian soldier, politician and convicted traitor (died in 1945)
July 18th, 1884 (July 18 1884)BirthAlberto di Jorio, former head of the Vatican Bank and secretary of the 1958 conclave (died in 1979)
July 18th, 1884 (July 18 1884)DeathFerdinand von Hochstetter, Austrian geologist (born in 1829)
July 18th, 1881 (July 18 1881)BirthLarry McLean, baseball player (died in 1921)
July 18th, 1872 (July 18 1872)DeathBenito Juarez, President of Mexico (born in 1806)Benito Juarez Quotes
July 18th, 1871 (July 18 1871)BirthSada Yacco, Japanese stage actress (died in 1946)
July 18th, 1870 (July 18 1870)EventThe First Vatican Council decrees the dogma of papal infallibility.
July 18th, 1867 (July 18 1867)BirthMargaret Brown, American activist, philanthropist, and RMS Titanic passenger (died in 1932)
July 18th, 1864 (July 18 1864)BirthPhillip Snowden, British politician (died in 1937)
July 18th, 1863 (July 18 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Fort Wagner/Morris IslandThe first formal African American military unit, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, unsuccessfully assaults Confederate-held Battery Wagner but their valiant fighting still proves the worth of African American soldiers during the war.
July 18th, 1863 (July 18 1863)DeathRobert Gould Shaw, American military officer (born in 1837)
July 18th, 1862 (July 18 1862)BirthNikolai Nikolaevich Yudenich, Russian general (died in 1933)
July 18th, 1857 (July 18 1857)EventLouis Faidherbe, French governor of Senegal, arrives to relieve French forces at Kayes, effectively ending El Hajj Umar Tall s war on the French.
July 18th, 1853 (July 18 1853)BirthHendrik Lorentz, Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1928)
July 18th, 1850 (July 18 1850)BirthRose Hartwick Thorpe, American poet (died in 1939)Rose Hartwick Thorpe Quotes
July 18th, 1848 (July 18 1848)BirthW. G. Grace, English cricketer (died in 1915)
July 18th, 1845 (July 18 1845)BirthTristan Corbiere, French poet (died in 1875)
July 18th, 1837 (July 18 1837)BirthVasil Levski, Bulgarian revolutionary (died in 1873)
July 18th, 1821 (July 18 1821)BirthPauline Garcia-Viardot, French mezzo-soprano and composer (died in 1910)
July 18th, 1818 (July 18 1818)BirthLouis De Geer, 1st Swedish Prime Minister (died in 1896)
July 18th, 1817 (July 18 1817)DeathJane Austen, English novelist (born in 1775)Jane Austen Quotes
July 18th, 1811 (July 18 1811)BirthWilliam Makepeace Thackeray, English author (died in 1863)William Makepeace Thackeray Quotes
July 18th, 1797 (July 18 1797)BirthImmanuel Hermann Fichte, German philosopher (died in 1879) Philo Quotes
July 18th, 1792 (July 18 1792)DeathJohn Paul Jones, American naval commander (born in 1747)John Paul Jones Quotes
July 18th, 1730 (July 18 1730)DeathFrancois de Neufville, duc de Villeroi, French soldier (born in 1644)
July 18th, 1721 (July 18 1721)DeathAntoine Watteau, French painter (born in 1684)
July 18th, 1720 (July 18 1720)BirthGilbert White, English ornithologist (died in 1793)
July 18th, 1718 (July 18 1718)BirthSaverio Bettinelli, Italian writer (died in 1808)
July 18th, 1698 (July 18 1698)DeathJohann Heinrich Heidegger, Swiss theologian (born in 1633)
July 18th, 1695 (July 18 1695)DeathJohannes Camphuys, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (born in 1634)
July 18th, 1670 (July 18 1670)BirthGiovanni Bononcini, Italian composer (died in 1747) Bono Quotes
July 18th, 1656 (July 18 1656)EventPolish-Lithuanian forces clashes with Sweden and its Brandenburg allies in the start of what is to be known as The Battle of Warsaw which ends in a decisive Swedish victory.
July 18th, 1639 (July 18 1639)DeathBernhard of Saxe-Weimar, German general (born in 1604)
July 18th, 1635 (July 18 1635)BirthRobert Hooke, English scientist (died in 1703)
July 18th, 1634 (July 18 1634)BirthJohannes Camphuys, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (died in 1695)
July 18th, 1610 (July 18 1610)DeathMichelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Italian artist (born in 1573)
July 18th, 1608 (July 18 1608)DeathJoachim Friedrich, Elector of Brandenburg (born in 1546)
July 18th, 1591 (July 18 1591)DeathJacobus Gallus, Slovenian composer (born in 1550)
July 18th, 1552 (July 18 1552)BirthRudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1612)
July 18th, 1504 (July 18 1504)BirthHeinrich Bullinger, Swiss religious reformer (died in 1575)
July 18th, 1501 (July 18 1501)BirthIsabella of Burgundy, wife of Christian II of Denmark (died in 1526)
July 18th, 1488 (July 18 1488)DeathAlvise Cadamosto, Italian explorer (born in 1432)
July 18th, 1334 (July 18 1334)EventThe bishop of Florence blesses the first foundational stone laid for the new campanile (bell tower) of the Florence Cathedral, designed by the artist Giotto di Bondone.
July 18th, 1100 (July 18 1100)DeathGodfrey of Bouillon, Protector of the Holy Sepulcher, de facto King of Jerusalem
July 18th, 0715 (July 18 0715)DeathMuhammad bin Qasim (born in 695)
July 18th, 0390 (July 18 0390)EventRoman-Gaulish Wars: Battle of the AlliaA Roman army is defeated by raiding Gauls, leading to the subsequent sacking of Rome.

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